Indulge in Our Wraps, Breads and Gourmet Hero Platters

Great conversations coupled with good food make for a brilliant combo! Catch up with your friends over yummy wraps, breads and gourmet heroes at Babylon Village Meat Market.
  • Wraps - White flour tortilla or sun-dried tomato wraps
  • Breads - White, black bread, whole wheat, hearty rye, etc.
  • Gourmet breads and heroes - Focaccia squares, focaccia rolls, various cibatinis, rustica breads and semolina
All platters can serve up to 24-26 people. After that, combinations of each are recommended.
  • 1-6 foot heroes @ $14.99 per foot
  • Specialty heroes @ 18.99 per foot
  • 3 foot round heroes @ $59.95 each
Call us at 631-669-0612 right away for more details.

Our Menu

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